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Professional housekeeper shares one thing she wishes everyone knew about laundry: 'The best [tip] I've heard in a long time'

"Don't use it."

"Don’t use it."

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When it comes to washing laundry, there's one ingredient people have been using for years that is doing more harm than good to your towels.

The scoop

Queen of cleaning and YouTuber Vanesa Amaro (@vanesamaro91) shared a video divulging the one thing everyone should know: Never use fabric softener on towels. 

Vanesa explains that fabric softeners contain oil, which repels water, making them water-resistant. That's not exactly the result you're going for since the purpose of a towel is to dry your body off.

"You're never ever supposed to use fabric softener on your towels," she says.

How it's helping

Fabric softeners might be one of the biggest laundry scams in history. They are saturated with oils that are bad for your clothes, towels, washing machines, and the environment.

They might make your clothes smell a specific way that you like, but they strip away flame-resistant properties on clothes — particularly baby clothes — and diminish the moisture-wicking properties of athletic wear.

If that's not scary enough, you also risk dryer fires when using this product, which endangers your entire family — a risk that far outweighs the rewards.

This product, which has been pushed by advertising over the years, contains chemicals that can be extremely harmful to human health. Consequences can run anywhere from skin irritation and rashes to asthma symptoms. 

Ironically, fabric softeners actually reduce the lifeline of washing machines with the build-up they create. Canceling this product in your laundry routine could save you hundreds of dollars in potential repairs. 

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Repairmen have been quoted as saying, "It's one of the worst things you can use on your washing machine." 

It's also worth noting that the build-up that isn't stuck in your machine finds its way into our water systems and can harm marine life

Greener laundry practices and natural cleaners, such as vinegar, are oftentimes more effective and reduce single-use plastics. Natural alternatives also tend to be extraordinarily cheaper, saving you dollars and a trip to the store.

What everyone's saying

The hack was much appreciated — even by those who already knew. 

"The best [tip] I've heard in a long time," one comment read.

"Fabric softener is a scam, don't use it," warned another.

"BEST ADVICE EVERRRR!!!!" a third exclaimed.

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