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Woman shares how one hack transformed her laundry routine for the better: 'I use it on everything'

"I did this my last wash day! Definitely see the difference already!"

"I did this my last wash day! Definitely see the difference already!"

Photo Credit: TikTok

Getting laundry done is enough of a chore as is. It doesn't help when your clothes still end up smelling or looking unclean. Luckily for us, one TikToker is here with a great hack to keep your laundry as fresh as ever.

The scoop

TikToker Naee (@unapologeticallyhealing) graced us by posting her laundry hack routine, which she said she got from another TikToker.

@unapologeticallyhealing Stop using that fabric softener and opt in for this. Clothes will be squeaky clean and smell 20x fresher 💯#cleaningtiktok #washingmachine #washingclothes #laundrytok #laundryhack #unapologeticallyhealing ♬ original sound - ✨🧸 NAEE 🧸✨

In the TikTok, Naee explained that replacing her fabric softener with a couple of tablespoons of distilled white vinegar makes her clothes feel and smell better than ever. 

Naee said that the white vinegar removes all the stains from her clothes, gets rid of deodorant and perfume scents, and makes everything smell fresher.

How it's helping

Replacing your fabric softener with distilled white vinegar is a great example of using a cheap household product for cleaning instead of pricey products that often include lots of potentially toxic chemicals and are almost always packaged in plastic. Other sustainable cleaning hacks include using a lemon and salt to clean tarnished pots and pans or swapping out Windex for a mixture of vinegar, rubbing alcohol, and dish soap.

The costs of household cleaning products can add up. It's estimated that individuals spend $180 on them per year, a figure that could be cut by using cheaper alternatives that are already in your home. Financially, a bottle of distilled white vinegar will cost you about $4, which, compared to a fabric softener around $15, is a steal. 

Fabric softeners, like other cleaning products, are often full of chemicals and ingredients that can be harmful to the environment. Many contain ingredients that are "quats," or quaternary ammonium compounds. According to Rinse.com, quats resist natural degradation in water, which can harm aquatic ecosystems.

Chemicals such as quats are also potentially harmful to human health. Per a health and safety flier from Mount Sinai, quats can irritate the skin and eyes, causing rashes and even blindness if they get in the eyes. Quats can also trigger asthma symptoms. Should fabric softeners not be used correctly, it could cause serious health issues, which is why switching to products including white vinegar is beneficial for the environment and humans alike.

What everyone's saying

TikTokers are excited to try the new laundry hack, and some have commented how the hack has already proved helpful.

One user wrote: "Yesss I did this my last wash day! Definitely see the difference already!"

Another user commented: "I use it on everything. Towels are so fluffy."

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