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Repairman shows why people should avoid common laundry product at all costs: 'One of the worst things you can use'

"I can't even begin to tell you how many service calls are directly related to the overuse of [this]."

"I can't even begin to tell you how many service calls are directly related to the overuse of [this]."

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Whether you think laundry is a therapeutic ritual or a tedious task, your household chore can get easier, cheaper, and better by simply eliminating fabric softener. Not only will this hack save you time and money, but it also will protect your machine, your clothes, and the environment.

The scoop

The hack was shared by a repairman through a TikTok posted by A+ Appliance Repair & HVAC (@a_plus_appliance_hvac). In the video, the repairman dismantles a malfunctioning washing machine coated in blue gunk — a consequence of excessive fabric softener use. 


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"Fabric softener is probably one of the worst things you can use on your washing machine," he says. "Not only is it bad for people who have skin allergies, it's bad for the fish, it is bad for your athletic clothing."

Instead, he proposes a simple alternative: white distilled vinegar. According to him, a small amount of vinegar eliminates the need for fabric softener and leaves clothes odor-free.

How it's helping

The primary non-eco benefit of this hack lies in its potential to save time and money for consumers. By forgoing fabric softener in favor of vinegar, individuals can save money upfront. A gallon of fabric softener costs about $13, while a gallon of vinegar is just $4. 

Additionally, white vinegar can be used for a variety of household chores, like cleaning countertops, deodorizing trash, and shining silver. Finally, according to the repairman, you can reduce the frequency of washing machine repairs and prolong the lifespan of your clothing. 

"I can't even begin to tell you how many service calls are directly related to the overuse of fabric softener," he states.

From a sustainability standpoint, this hack represents a significant step toward greener laundry practices. Fabric softeners have harmful chemicals that can cause harm to marine life when it gets drained. Many softeners are also petroleum-based, which can cause skin irritation and exacerbate eczema

What everyone's saying

This hack seems to have been widely adopted by commenters in the original post, underscoring the growing interest in sustainable laundry solutions.

"I use vinegar," said one commenter.

Another commented in agreement with the video, saying: "Fabric softener is so toxic."

"Yeah we don't use that s***," someone else said with two fire emojis.

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