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Shopper stunned after checking authenticity on 'gorgeous' rug selling for less than $2: 'My eyes shot out of my head'

"Are you kidding?"

"Are you kidding?"

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When most people go to the thrift store for a rug, they're hoping for something without stains that matches their decor — not a unique piece of artwork from a native craftsperson. But that's exactly what this eagle-eyed thrifter found.

They shared their incredible luck on r/ThriftStoreHauls, a subreddit where shoppers share their amazing secondhand deals. 

"Navajo rug I found at Goodwill," they said, proudly displaying a photo. 

"Are you kidding?"
Photo Credit: Reddit

"My eyes shot out of my head when I saw it," they added in a comment.

In the picture, they're holding up the rug, which appears to be at least six feet long. The intricate patterns, created using traditional Navajo techniques, seem to depict an orchard full of perching birds in bright colors. A card and a Polaroid picture can be seen attached to a corner of the rug.

"Weaver is Leita Bedonie," the original poster said in a comment.

"How did you figure out the weaver?" asked another Redditor.

"Photo of the weaver with the rug attached and a certificate of authenticity attached," the OP replied.

"Are you kidding? What employee saw all of that and then slapped a $2 price tag on it?" said another commenter. "Amazing find!"

In fact, the OP said they got the stunning artwork for only $1.49. 

"Other rugs by [the same] weaver are valued at a minimum of $2,500," they added. But they found their prize at a Goodwill Outlet in a bin where shoppers can purchase textiles by the pound — regardless of their value.

Even if the rug had been individually labeled, it likely would have gone for cheap. Thrift store shoppers have found valuable works of art being sold for much less than their actual values, and the latest resale report from thredUP estimates the promising secondhand market will only heat up, almost doubling over the next three years. 

Not to mention that buying items at thrift stores can keep perfectly usable clothes, books, housewares, furniture, and other materials from being thrown away and polluting the environment

"I don't have a place to keep a rug but I'd buy that in a heartbeat," said one commenter. "Great find!"

"Showed this to my mom and she's freaking out over it. It's beautiful!" another person wrote

"This is GORGEOUS!" another commenter added

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