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Homeowner sparks envy after sharing photo of their natural lawn: 'This is my ideal lawn'

"How lovely, looks like a storybook."

"How lovely, looks like a storybook."

Photo Credit: iStock

We've all grown accustomed to the traditional grass lawn, but many homeowners are having great results installing natural lawns instead.

This Reddit user shared a photo of their natural front yard on the r/NoLawns subreddit, a group dedicated to alternatives to monoculture lawns, such as native plants and conservation. 

"How lovely, looks like a storybook."
Photo Credit: Reddit

The photo shows an inviting scene: towering trees and healthy plants surrounding a home behind a pretty clover lawn. The OP wrote, "We love our clover."

Installing a natural lawn could be the right move for you, too. Alternatives to turfgrass, like clover, buffalo grass, or tapestry lawns, save homeowners time and money. 

These other options don't require as much water (hello, lower water bills), fertilizer, or toxic weed killers as traditional grass. If you have children or pets who play in the yard, clover and microclover hold up well with moderate foot traffic. 

Some alternative options still need the occasional mowing but generally require less maintenance, saving homeowners time. In response to a commenter asking how frequently you have to mow clover, the OP responded, "The cool thing is you don't have to if you don't want to. We keep bees so it's good food for them."

Bees, butterflies, and other pollinators will thank you for installing a natural lawn. With more native plants available, they can do their important work of helping to protect our food supply.

Rewilding your lawn with native plants is another great option for pollinators. Both rewilding and installing natural lawns benefit the environment in other ways. They require less water consumption and less maintenance with gas-powered equipment like lawnmowers, which release toxic fumes into the air.

Even if you only update part of your lawn with native plants or natural yard alternatives, you (and the environment) can reap the rewards. 

🗣️ If you were to switch from a grass lawn to a more natural option, which of these factors would be your primary motivation?

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Commenters on the Reddit post were loving the photo. One user said, "This is my ideal lawn."

Another commented, "How lovely, looks like a storybook."

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