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Garden expert shares easy-to-grow plant that keeps annoying garden pests at bay: 'Most underrated plant ever'

"I've been using it for years."

"I've been using it for years."

Photo Credit: TikTok

Many homeowners dream of a bright, vibrant garden where they can grow their own fruits and vegetables to save on grocery bills and eat more healthily.

But voracious bugs and creepy crawlies can soon turn those dreams into a nightmare, which is why one gardener recommends a particular plant to keep the critters at bay.

The scoop

Joe from the Joesgarden TikTok account (@joesgarden) has been lauding the virtues of the nasturtium plant, which he says he has planted in "every part" of his garden.

@joesgarden This here is one plant I recommend in every garden. It is called a nasturtium and you will find them in every corner of my garden! Not only are they easy to grow and the flowers are stunning; they are completely edible. As well as humans being able to eat them, nealy every other garden pest loves to eat them too! This helps to keep these pests from your pized crops! #harvest #growyourownfood #gardentips #organic #garden #zerowaste ♬ Married Life (From "Up") - Geek Music

Not only are nasturtiums easy to grow, according to Joe, but they are almost entirely edible, so you can use the flowers, leaves, and seed pods in a salad to give it a peppery kick.

They are also delicious to various garden residents, including slugs and snails. This means they attract these pests away from more prized items in your vegetable patch so that lettuce leaves remain unmunched and blooming flowers aren't devoured.

What's more, cabbage butterflies lay caterpillar eggs under nasturtium leaves, bringing the gorgeous winged pollinators to your garden and providing an instant food source for when the caterpillars hatch. 

How it's helping

Pests are a blight in any garden, but pesticides can contain harsh chemicals that you don't exactly want in your soil or on items you will eventually eat.

That's why a natural solution can be really beneficial, allowing the bugs to feast elsewhere and helping you steer clear of sprays that can have adverse health effects. According to Californians for Pesticide Reform, associated problems include nausea and dizziness in the short term or even types of cancer if you're exposed to pesticides for long periods. 

What everyone's saying

TikTokers were grateful for the tip, with one user saying, "Have learnt this for next year, this year my cabbage and kale is destroyed."

Meanwhile, others have already tried planting nasturtiums and have been delighted with the results. 

"I have them everywhere, most underrated plant ever!" one TikToker commented.

"It's fantastic, I've been using it for years," another user added. "It's antibiotic, and on top of that, it's delicious." 

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