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Gardener shares 'brilliant' hack for using a muffin tin to help with planting: 'I need to remember this'

"Just measure the bottom for reference."

Muffin tin

If you struggle to spread out your garden plants correctly, a muffin tin makes it simple. Since the cups are evenly spaced, they can help a savvy gardener plot a perfect layout — and even create holes for seeds or seedlings.

The scoop

A muffin tin has cups the same size laid out in a measured grid. By pressing it into the soil, you can create holes that are a predictable distance apart, making it easier to space out your seedlings without having to measure. 

Just drop seeds or young plants into the holes and cover them gently, as TikTok user Vego Garden (@vego_garden) demonstrates in her video.

@vego_garden Another super simple #gardeninghack #foryou to try this weekend! Reference your seed packet for spacing and get #planting #vegogarden #gardening #themoreyouknow ♬ original sound - Vego Garden

"Just measure the bottom for reference," she suggests in the video. The description adds, "Reference your seed packet for spacing." This is because different types of seeds need different amounts of space.

How it's helping

To grow well, garden plants need to be spaced out just right. Put them too close together, and they compete for resources, making the individual plants less healthy and successful. Plant them too far apart, and they're wasting space. 

Gardeners can get the right spacing by measuring, but it's time-consuming. Guessing is faster, but it makes it harder to get even rows.

A muffin tin is a way to be precise and fast, making gardening that much easier while giving the plants the right conditions to grow up healthy. The more healthy and successful your garden is, the more vegetables it'll produce, saving you money. 

A large crop is also good for the environment because food grown at home doesn't need to be shipped long distances before it's eaten. This means less fuel burned during shipping, which means less heat-trapping gases and toxic fumes from the exhaust.

What everyone's saying

Some commenters had concerns about the tip. 

"What are you planting that close?" asks one Tiktoker. Vego Garden is quick to clarify: "You don't have to use all the indentations! Maybe just the outside cups! Space according to the seed packet." 

Other commenters praised the hack as "smart," "brilliant," and "genius." 

"I need to remember this when I get a container like this!" says one commenter.

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