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Gardener experiences magical moment with unexpected visitor in yard: 'I nearly cried'

"Truly special in my eyes."

"Truly special in my eyes."

Photo Credit: Reddit

Gardens attract all sorts of creatures, but few are as exciting as a hummingbird — especially one sitting quietly on a branch enjoying a snack. 

One gardener shared a video of the "magical moment" to the r/NativePlantGardening forum on Reddit when a hummingbird finally stopped by their coral honeysuckle vine. 

"First sighting of a hummingbird in the garden!" they captioned the video

The video starts with a ruby-throated hummingbird sitting on a branch, sticking its elongated beak down the coral-colored, tube-shaped flowers growing on the vines. The tiny bird then takes off, furiously flapping its wings as it flutters around, snacking on as many flowers as possible.  

"I nearly cried. This is why we plant native," the OP wrote along with the video. 

Supporting pollinators like hummingbirds and bees is vital to a thriving ecosystem, but native plants have so many benefits beyond attracting delightful little creatures. You can save money by rewilding your yard with native plants because it drastically cuts down on the amount of water, time, and other resources needed to keep a grass lawn green. 

Plus, numerous studies have shown gardening improves physical and mental health. It's clear the OP's mood was better after they spotted their new flying friend. 

Other Redditors were excited about the hummingbird and the honeysuckle — which, by the way, sounds like the title of an adorable children's book. 

"I wish this species was more available at big box stores instead of the invasive stuff," one person lamented, wanting easier access to the hummingbird-friendly vine. "I'd rather this run wild."  

It's a good reminder to be aware of what you're buying from garden centers and big box stores. Those places often sell invasive species like kudzu and English ivy. You do not want to make that mistake, as they will take over everything in sight.  

"I don't think I've ever seen a hummingbird sitting still!" another Redditor gleefully commented, to which the OP replied: "It was a magical moment for me. Truly special in my eyes."

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