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Homeowner on the brink considers extreme tactic to solve problem caused by nightmare neighbor: 'Don't ask for permission'

"I can't really enjoy … anything else."

easy solution to solve pest infestation problem — mosquito dunks

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One Redditor who was frustrated by their neighbor's pest infestation was met with a stunningly easy solution that can be used on any mosquito-breeding body of water: mosquito dunks. 

The post described how the neighbor's property backs right up to theirs and that their neighbors hadn't done a lot of pool upkeep. The open, unmanaged body of water became a breeding ground for mosquitoes, as they lay their eggs in still water.

Typically, pool pumps help to filter the water and keep it moving, and chlorine acts as an extra deterrent. A lack of upkeep or pool cover can create a buggy disaster for the whole neighborhood — as this Redditor found out. 

"I can't really mow my back lawn, enjoy grilling or working outside on my back patio, or anything else without being eaten alive by them," the user wrote. 

Comments on the Reddit thread largely suggested dropping a mosquito dunk into the neighbor's pool. 

Mosquito dunks are made from Bti, a natural, soil-borne bacterium that specifically targets mosquito larvae. They dissolve in any body of still water, like rain barrels, bird baths, and pools, and kill the mosquito larvae before they can turn into adult mosquitoes. 

The solution is inexpensive and completely safe for humans, pets, and your local wildlife. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency reports that some organic farming operations actually use mosquito dunks to control pests. 

It's also more effective than typical pesticides. Other pesticides reach an average of only 1% of pests, and mosquitoes can easily build immunity to them. They also can contain chemicals toxic to people, plants, and animals, which can leak into the watershed, and contaminate wildlife even further.

It's clear that Reddit commenters were spot-on with their non-toxic, overwhelmingly effective suggestion. A number of them mentioned just tossing the dunk into the pool without saying anything, as they're so discreet the neighbors probably wouldn't notice. 

"Don't ask for permission and don't say anything," advised one, while another added, "Just lob it over the fence like a grenade."

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