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Cleaning expert warns about commonly used product for getting rid of mold: 'You might be making things worse'

This hack saves time and energy.

This hack saves time and energy.

Photo Credit: TikTok

A TikTok account dedicated to cleaning tips and tricks revealed what not to do when treating mold.

The scoop

NovaCleaners (@novacleaners) posted a tip on a common mold treatment that only exacerbates the problem. 

@novacleaners If you are cleaning mold with bleach you might be making things worse and here is why. #moldcleaning #bleachformold #dontusebleach ♬ original sound - NovaCleaners

In the caption, NovaCleaners warns that if you're using bleach to fix a mold problem, "You might be making things worse." 

The post explained that while bleach does clean mold on the surface, it doesn't actually get deep enough to kill the pores. In retaliation, the mold grows back more aggressively and intensely, making matters worse than when you started.

NoveCleaners recommended using alternatives such as vinegar or mold control, which are much safer, non-toxic solutions that solve the problem at the root.

How it's helping

This hack saves time and energy. Nothing is worse than finishing a chore only to discover you've done it wrong and have to start all over. Time is precious — maximize it.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, mold can cause health risks from eye irritation to asthma attacks, so it's important to clean it out of your living space thoroughly and effectively before anyone is affected.

Most households already have vinegar, which means you'll save money. Using natural products can save you up to almost $100 a year. Using what you already have also means you don't have to waste another trip to the store, reducing air pollution. And if you do have to purchase vinegar, it's much cheaper than bleach, so you're still saving.

Vinegar is much healthier and more eco-friendly than bleach, which is commonly used in matters of mold. Unfortunately, bleach is toxic and harmful to our lungs and environment. When these harsh chemicals are used, they wash down drains and find their way into our water systems, endangering wildlife.

The TikTok video also mentions mold control as an alternative to bleach. While it is a store-bought product, it doesn't have toxic chemicals and is environmentally safe. Just be aware there are two different products for indoor and outdoor use.

What everyone's saying

Many were grateful for NoveCleaners' tip.

"Oops," a comment read.

"White vinegar kills black mold," another user vouched.

"Tea tree oil works really well," one TikToker wrote, offering another alternative.

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