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Gardener issues warning about planting popular herb in your backyard garden: 'Do not make this mistake'

"Mint spreads so fast and easy."

Hack to keep mint contained

Photo Credit: @lbhomespiff/ Tiktok

Mint has a habit of getting out of control in personal gardens — but thankfully, a gardener on TikTok is sharing their best tip for how to contain it.

The scoop

In a recent video, TikTok user Homespiff (@lbhomespiff) explains how to stop mint from wreaking havoc on your local garden — and all it takes is a shovel and a bucket.

"Mint spreads so fast and easy. In my garden, it's spreading from one bed all the way to another," the user says.  "It can be so frustrating to keep it under control. I'm going to show you this neat little trick to prevent your mint from spreading."

The solution is simple. First, move your mint to a bucket that's at least two gallons big. The containment of the bucket should keep it from spreading.

"If you already have your mint in the ground, you can just take a shovel and go all the way around it and gently lift it out of the ground," the user says.

Next, dig a hole big enough for the bucket to fit into, place the mint plant into the bucket with soil, and refill the hole with the bucket and more soil.

"Remove any mint shoots that are not in the bucket," the user adds. "In no time, it should be all contained."

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How it's helping

By growing your own food, like herbs and vegetables, you can save money on each outing to the grocery store. And by using this TikTok user's hack for mint — and, presumably, other plants that grow at rapid rates — you can make your home gardens more efficient, saving you time on maintaining your plants by keeping your growths nice and tidy.

Home gardens also make your living space cleaner and greener. Plants in gardens absorb chemicals, carbon dioxide, and other harmful elements, leading to cleaner air quality in the surrounding area, according to Green Matters. Gardens also help enrich and bind the soil together.

What everyone's saying

Users shared their own gardening tips in the comments.

"You've also gotta make sure you put some mesh/weed cloth in the bottom to keep any roots from growing down and out," one user wrote.

"Oregano will do the same thing," another user commented.

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