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Thrifter shows how they turned a $10 secondhand dress into a gorgeous Mardi Gras gown: 'I can't believe how well it fit'

"Mardi Gras would be the perfect place to wear it."

Mardi Gras gown pink dress

Photo Credit: Reddit

It's amazing what treasure you can find when you go thrift shopping. This lucky Redditor won big when she found a gorgeous ball gown for just $10.

"Mardi Gras would be the perfect place to wear it," says one commenter about the dress — a pink strapless gown with ruffles and detailing on the skirt and bodice. 

The Reddit user shared a photo of the vintage dress that she discovered at an estate sale. In the photo of her at a ball, she has styled the "flouncy" gown with an elegant pearl necklace and bracelet as well as a fluffy, white evening shawl. 

"I can't believe how well it fit," she writes under the photo, in disbelief at her find. "Great condition too!"

There are plenty of great pre-loved clothes out there at estate sales and thrift stores that you can get for cheap prices. 

Other than saving you money, buying secondhand clothes and items helps reduce the amount of perfectly good materials going to waste each year. 

A recent study found that the equivalent of a trash truck's worth of clothes is burnt or buried in a landfill every second. Waste is a huge issue in the fashion and textile industry — across the world, we're producing massive amounts of clothes and not recycling or reusing enough of them.

Landfills are said to be the third-largest source of methane gas pollution in the U.S. — this polluting gas is stronger than carbon dioxide and has a larger impact on the heating of the planet. 

By becoming thrift-store savvy, we can help reduce fashion waste and slow the amount of polluting gas being released into the air. Plus, you'll also get a unique wardrobe at a cheap price. 

Other Reddit users took to the post to share their thoughts on this specific find.

"That IS amazing, especially the fringes on the skirt," says one, while another adds: "we're gonna need more pictures! This dress is incredible - can't believe the condition!"

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