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Cleaning expert shares 'magic' solution for streak-free, sparkling windows: 'I have tried this and I love it'

"Your window formula is amazing!"

"Your window formula is amazing!"

Photo Credit: TikTok

Cleaning supplies can be pricey and aren't always made with the safest chemicals. That's why this cleaning hack for accomplishing crystal-clear windows is so great.

The scoop

In a TikTok from LaterKates (@later_kates), she shares a quick recipe for cleaning windows as an alternative to products like Windex. 

The recipe calls for half a cup of vinegar, half a cup of rubbing alcohol, and a drop or two of dish soap. All of these ingredients are affordable, and you probably already have them in your home, which makes it extra convenient.

LaterKates demonstrates cleaning her 100-year-old windows with this concoction, and they look brand new. Maybe this is why the user captioned the post, "#Magic window #cleaning solution!"

@later_kates #Magic window #cleaning solution! #cleantok #cleaningtok #lifehacks #cleaninghacks #fyp ♬ I'M FEELING LUCKY - Ellen Once Again

How it's helping

One of the best parts about this cleaning hack is that by using household ingredients, you can reduce the amount of waste produced, especially plastic

An article from Tiny Waste reported that even though you can recycle plastic bottles, that does not negate the pollution from the production of the plastic, which is made from dirty energy sources. By replacing cleaning products with household ingredients and investing in reusable glass bottles, you can save yourself money while having a positive impact on the environment.

This sustainable cleaning hack is one of many. By opting for cleaner and less wasteful household cleaning products, you can help prevent toxic chemicals from leaching into waterways and harming humans and animals alike. Additionally, these alternatives are much cheaper, which over time can save you an estimated $90 a year.

Distilled white vinegar is a household staple that can be used in numerous cleaning hacks. One example is soaking kitchen faucets in vinegar to get rid of all the built-up grime they accumulate. 

Another way to use white vinegar is replacing fabric softener with it. It will leave your clothes and towels cleaner and fresher than ever, without the use of harsh chemicals. 

What everyone's saying

Commenters on TikTok are loving the hack. Not only is it an easy recipe to throw together quickly, but the spray really does make windows and glass look crystalline.

"Your window formula is AMAZING! It makes the windows sparkle and so easy. Thank you for sharing," commented one user.

"I have tried this and I love it!!!!" praised another user.

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