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Influencer reveals how she got over $500 in Lululemon gear for more than 50% off the tag price: 'Literally a steal'

Influencer Lauren Loveless snagged a long-sleeve T-shirt, a zip-up top, a puffer jacket, and pair of leggings

Like New program

Photo Credit: @laurenlovelessss / TikTok

Lululemon is known for making high-quality yoga gear and athletic apparel — but what it is not known for is being affordable. But luckily for everyone, it turns out the store is offering a way to make some of those athleisure items a lot cheaper while helping that planet at the same time. 

As one TikToker just showed us, you can get a lot of high-quality Lululemon apparel for a pretty reasonable price by taking advantage of their Like New program.

@laurenlovelessss use code LOVELESS10 for 10% off any @lululemon Like New orders 🥳 #lululemoncreator #lululemonlikenew #fyp ♬ pink plus white - ✿

Influencer Lauren Loveless (@laurenlovelessss) snagged a long-sleeve T-shirt, a zip-up top, a puffer jacket, and pair of leggings — likely more than $500 worth of stuff without the discounts — for a mere $250 by taking advantage of the program.

To participate in the Like New program, take your used Lululemon gear into any U.S. non-outlet. A store associate will ensure that the items are not too badly damaged and then reward you with an e-gift card. Note that certain types of items, such as footwear, tank tops, bras, and swimwear are ineligible.

The program represents Lululemon's efforts to "build a circular ecosystem," according to its website, by eliminating textile waste.

According to the Center for EcoTechnology, "Textile and material waste makes up 9.5% of municipal solid waste generated in America every year," while "the textile industry also contributes to environmental degradation by using water, energy, and other resources to produce textiles." 

That means that any effort by clothing companies to reduce the number of new textiles they generate is a good thing. And the Like New program also saves clothing that may have ended up being thrown away, diverting them instead into a recycling process.

The commenters on Lauren's TikTok post were blown away by her haul.

"Fully got up to get my laptop to go shop," writes one commenter. Hopefully, that commenter ends up trading in whatever they buy when they get tired of it — and the circle of Lululemon clothing can continue.

"Literally a steal," another adds.

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