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Shopper scores big on 'unbelievable' cookware at thrift store: 'Cashier was not happy with the pricing on this'

"I was a little concerned he would refuse to sell it to me."

LeCreuset ceramic grill pan

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Thrift stores have a little bit of everything for shoppers, including clothes, glassware, home items, and jewelry. One shopper is sharing their recent find from a thrift store on Reddit's r/ThriftStoreHauls forum — and it's making people think twice about what treasures can be found in the cookware section. 

Photo Credit: u/TheGreenTeaFrog / Reddit
Photo Credit: u/TheGreenTeaFrog / Reddit

The user shared a photo of their find, a LeCreuset ceramic grill pan with seven $11.99 price stickers. 

"Cashier was NOT happy with the pricing on this, I was a little concerned he would refuse to sell it to me," the user wrote in the title. The high-end French cookware pan typically sells for between  $180 to $225 new. 

Thrift stores have as much environmental benefit as they do benefits for consumers. Consumers get great deals from purchasing gently used items, many of which would not be affordable for many populations. 

Ceramic pans, such as the one this Reddit user found at their local thrift store, have a notable environmental impact. The ceramic industry has been accused of dumping polluting chemicals from production into local soils and waterways. During firing, toxic fumes like dioxins, sulfides, and chlorides are released into the environment — polluting the air and any surfaces they come into contact with.

This environmental impact also includes the waste generated from the packaging, transport, and sale of high-end consumer goods. Buying thrifted goods decreases the packaging needed to purchase new products, thus diminishing the pan's footprint. 

Other users were thrilled with the Redditor's find. "That's an unbelievable bargain … And that one looks in really good [condition]. Good news someone's already worn it in," one user wrote

"I have the matching pot! I would've died. So jealous," another commenter said.

"Score! Enjoy it in good health!" another user shared

We only wish our next thrift store haul could be as fruitful as this Reddit user's.

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