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Homeowner shares striking before-and-after photos of their 'thriving' lawn following four years of growth: 'What a dramatic change'

"Things filling in and thriving."

"Things filling in and thriving."

Photo Credit: u/bestdisappointment / Reddit

One homeowner on Reddit recently shared proof of the difference four years can make in transforming a yard.

Grass lawns have been a common feature of American homes for generations, but more and more people are moving away from that style. Lawns guzzle water and require regular mowing, while other types of landscaping — such as native plant gardens or stone gardens — are drought-resistant, cheap, and low maintenance.

Even homeowners with no gardening experience or time for yard work can enjoy a beautiful native plant garden with the help of companies like Yardzen, which creates gorgeous and water-wise designs tailored to owners' needs.

Rewilded yard
Photo Credit: u/bestdisappointment / Reddit

This Redditor had several years to build a beautiful garden from the soil up, and the effort shows. Their "before" picture included an ordinary lawn that showed signs of drying out, with only a few struggling beds of low-growing plants for variety.

Their "after" picture is a complete 180. The lawn is gone, with wood chip paths and dozens of thriving plants in its place. Orange and purple flowers bloom in between several new saplings. "Things filling in and thriving," they said in the post.

Commenters loved the transformation. "What a dramatic change!" said one user, while another Redditor added, "It's so beautiful!"

Aside from the original poster and the appreciative users of r/gardening, this garden is sure to attract another group of fans: local pollinators that depend on flowers for food.

According to the original poster, they planted "lots of sedums, California poppy, yarrow, silver mound, snow in summer, poppymallow, lavender, coreopsis, lambs ear, horehound, hens and chicks, larkspur, creeping thyme, sage, coneflower, daisies, peonies, and such." 

The incredible variety makes the yard look rich and inviting and also includes many flowering plants that are perfect for butterflies and bees in search of a snack.

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