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Homeowner shares 'stunning' before-and-after photos while bringing their dead lawn back to life: 'It's so much better now'

They used some colorful language to describe their lawn transformation.

Before lawn diversification

Photo Credit: u/I_hate_your_lawn / Reddit

In a post that is 100% upvoted, one Redditor shows how switching to a grassless yard made it significantly more lush, and they use some colorful language to get their point across.  

After lawn diversification
Photo Credit: u/I_hate_your_lawn / Reddit

Under the headline, "We f***** off all the grass 5 years ago. It's so much better now," the first photo shows a barren lawn with a mere dirt lot. The second photo, though, shows a very bright, lush, green oasis with a rich diversity of plant species. The post's title suggests that this transformation took more than five years — with a lot of hard work and persistence. 

In the comments section, the Redditor went on to explain that 70% of the land is covered with crops native to northern Texas. It includes a xeric rock garden, wildflower garden, perennial shrubs, and ground cover. 

The diversification of a lawn beyond the standard grass, often termed "rewilding," is beneficial for many ecological reasons. A diverse lawn has better resistance to pests and disease, which decreases the amount of pesticides and synthetic inputs needed to keep the lawn healthy. Many native plant species also require less persistent watering than standard grass. Not only is this less labor for homeowners, but it reduces outdoor water usage — which is especially important in water-stressed regions of the U.S. and beyond. 

Lawn diversification and rewilding is also scalable, and can mean overhauling an entire parcel, like this homeowner, or planting a few different species of pollinator-attracted plants in a pot. 

Another benefit of this unconventional lawn, according to the Redditor's comments, was that the space became an integral habitat for wildlife and pollinators, including snakes, lizards, moths, bees, and butterflies. "The yard makes an audible and constant buzz and you sometimes have to sprint to or from your car to dodge all the flying guys lol," the Redditor shared

Other Redditors were intrigued to see the design and the state of the yard. "Hoooooooly moly I can hear the vibes of your garden from over here… effervescent," one person said.

Several other Redditors were impressed by the design and the aura of the space. "I love this. Great job. Like the pathway and how it flows as well," another user commented

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