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Sustainable living influencer shares alternative to unwieldy 'mountain' of reusable grocery bags: 'I've never looked back'

"This is so smart!"

"This is so smart!"

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Lugging and unloading multiple grocery bags can be challenging and time-consuming. Luckily, sustainable living influencer Alyssa Barber (@newlifestyleabb) has an easy, cost-effective solution.

Instead of trying to balance different bags on your shoulders, consider swapping your bags for an item you already have in your home: a laundry basket.

@newlifestyleabb For the past year these two laundry baskets have been living in the car and I've never looked back! 🌱🙌 It helps be reduce impulse spending, reduces food waste, eliminates plastic bags, and so super convenient. ✨ #reusablebag #laundrybasket #groceryhaul #sustainability #sustainableliving #ecofriendly #consciousconsumer #foodwaste ♬ Chill Noons - Kronicle

The scoop

After being inconvenienced by her "mountain of small reusable bags," Alyssa decided to swap them out for two laundry baskets. 

She keeps the laundry baskets in the trunk of her car, so she's ready to load and unload whenever she shops. 

Once she and her partner finish their grocery run, they simply roll their cart of groceries to their car and put all the food items directly into the laundry baskets. 

The baskets hold more than the bags and are easier to carry into the house. Thanks to the baskets, Alyssa and her partner can transport all their groceries into their house in just one trip.

Alyssa has also found that using baskets instead of bags has encouraged her to be more purposeful with meal planning. Since the baskets have limited space, she only buys items she really needs.

"For the past year, these two laundry baskets have been living in the car, and I've never looked back!" says Alyssa. "It helps me reduce impulse spending, reduces food waste, eliminates plastic bags, and is super convenient."

How it's helping

Alyssa's genius hack encourages internet users to recycle and teaches them how to make their grocery runs hassle-free. Using laundry baskets to unload your groceries saves time and energy. 

Every sustainable action has the potential to make an eco-friendly difference. By using laundry baskets to carry your groceries, you can be more purposeful with your food shopping and reduce your total waste. 

Food waste is a global crisis, as the world generates 1.3 billion tons of food waste each year. Discarded items end up rotting in landfills, where they emit harmful, planet-warming gases. Buying only the items you need can help you reduce your food waste and decrease the impact of our food supply on rising global temperatures. 

Other ways you can reduce your total waste is by sending unwanted items to organizations dedicated to recycling. Some options include For Days, ThredUp, and Got Sneakers

What everyone's saying

TikTokers were impressed with the simple but clever hack and excited to swap their shopping bags for laundry baskets. 

"This is so smart!!!" wrote one user.

"Seriously game changer," commented another TikToker.

"Love this hack," wrote one user.

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