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Grocery shopper shares little-known hack for saving money on bulk food items: 'This is the way'

This trick extends beyond the kitchen and grocery store.

reusable containers to the Bulk Barn.

Photo Credit: u/lilac_roze/ Reddit

It's no secret that single-use plastics are wreaking havoc on the environment in all kinds of ways, so if you can avoid using or buying them, it's nearly always a win for the planet. However, it can also be a win for your wallet, too.

The scoop

By buying in bulk and bringing your own containers to grocery stores and other businesses, you can often save a bit of money.

One Redditor, for example, brought in a nice haul of grocery items and candies and got 15% off the entire purchase by simply showing up to a Bulk Barn sale with their own glass jars and reusable silicone pouches.

This trick extends beyond the kitchen and grocery store. In fact, your local coffee shop (and not-so-local coffee shops like Starbucks) offer discounts to customers bringing in their own cups as well. Often, you don't need to have a branded cup either — just bring your favorite mug or thermos, and fill 'er up.

How's it helping?

You can save some of your cold-hard cash by utilizing containers that you already have. During times of economic stress and severe inflation, cost-saving measures like this can really add up in the long run.

There are some massive ecological benefits, too. Plastics (especially single use) are just plain bad for the planet. Animals die after eating them by mistake, plastic creation requires dirty energy sources that turn into polluting gases that poison the air, and plastics can take thousands of years to break down in nature. By skipping the plastic one-time-use packaging, you're helping to motivate a culture shift toward sustainability.

What everyone is saying

On Reddit, the comments lauded the Bulk Barn purchase. "There's something so aesthetic about a bulk barn haul," reads one.

Another comment really put it best by simply saying, "This is the way."

Why not do a quick internet search to see if any of your preferred retailers or coffee shops offer a reusable container discount and start saving ASAP!

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