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Expert gardener reveals the crucial prep work every gardener should do before winter ends: 'Definitely works'

Simple tips like these are helpful for both new and seasoned gardeners.

Simple tips like these are helpful for both new and seasoned gardeners.

Photo Credit: TikTok

Winter is the gardening off-season, but there is a lot people can do to prepare as spring approaches. One TikToker goes through three things she does to get ready for planting.

The scoop

Laura (@younggrowersclub) provides "tips & tricks to grow food at home" on TikTok. In a recent video, she shared a late winter checklist for getting ready to sow seeds for your garden. 

Laura has three tips for her followers. While she is based in the United Kingdom, her tips are broadly applicable.  

First, collect recyclables "like toilet roll tubes which I can use to sow pea seeds in." She also uses egg cartons to "chit potatoes" — chitting is a British term for sprouting. 

@younggrowersclub Winter is a great time to get yourself sorted and ready for seed sowing in spring. Here's what I'm doing now… #seedsowingprep #gardeningintheuk #growfooduk #januarygardeningjobs ♬ original sound - Laura • YOUNG GROWERS CLUB

The second tip Laura discusses is cleaning pots. She soaks them in a vinegar solution and then scrubs them down. This is an important task because "diseases can be passed on in pots." 

The final tip is to sort your seeds. This way, any grower can see what they already have and determine what they may want to purchase. 

How it's helping

Simple tips like these are helpful for both new and seasoned gardeners. Keeping it easy and breaking it down into a few tasks makes gardening much more accessible. 

Gardening is not only a great way to grow your own food, but it is also healthy in many ways. Getting outside and working in the garden is beneficial to mental and physical health. 

One study showed that people who garden eat more fiber and get more physical activity than the average person. The participants in the study got nearly an hour of extra activity a week by working in the garden. 

Growing your own food can also save you money at the grocery store. Plus, local food is a great way to cut down on carbon pollution and lower your impact on the planet. 

What everyone's saying

One commenter asked, "Read somewhere that u can sow in egg cartons then put the whole thing directly in the dirt later. Have you tried that?? Does it work?" 

The original poster responded by saying, "Yes I've done it with herbs. Definitely works cause the carbon decomposes. Great use for them."

Another person simply said, "Love this."

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