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Tenant slams landlord over their fix for a crucial broken appliance: 'He is very shocked that I'm not happy'

"He only paid to have it dropped off."

Tenant slams landlord over their fix for a crucial broken appliance

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One Redditor's post in the r/Wellthatsucks subreddit shared the incredible gap they encountered between their landlord's expectations and their own regarding gas safety.

Natural gas has been a controversial issue in recent years. It's a common energy source but also causes health and safety issues and heat-trapping air pollution

However, regardless of whether or not you support the use of natural gas, both sides agree on the need for basic safety precautions. Between the risk of poisoning and the possibility of an explosion, there's no disputing the potential danger of gas leaks.

That's why it's so baffling when landlords are lax about installing or repairing gas appliances, which is what this Redditor claimed their landlord did.

"Landlord ordered a new gas oven to replace the old broken one. He only paid to have it dropped off. He is very shocked that I'm not happy," the original poster wrote above a picture of the huge box sitting in their kitchen unopened, with the old stove still in place. 

landlord won't fix stove
Photo Credit: u/Kandiblu / Reddit

To prevent gas leaks during and after installation, appliances like this should only be installed by certified professionals. But it appears that the original poster's landlord thought he could get out of paying for professional installation by leaving that task to his tenant.

"If he's renting out the house, you would think it would be in his best interest to have a professional install it," said one commenter. "Having someone inexperienced hook up gas is just dangerous. Not to mention that's just not your job."

"So what did the landlord end up doing?" asked another user.

"After more 'surprised Pikachu' conversation [a popular meme expressing a shocked reaction to something obvious], he is sending over our maintenance man tomorrow," the original poster replied.

Other commenters were more interested in the original poster's unique cloud-shaped light fixtures. "Better hurry up and get that installed," said one user. "Looks like it may rain."

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