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Woman shares quick and easy ways to extend the life of your fruit: 'I hate wasting produce'

"Have thrown out grapes so many times and glad to have these tips now."

"Have thrown out grapes so many times and glad to have these tips now."

Photo Credit: Instagram

We've all experienced the disappointment of buying produce only to have it go bad before we have a chance to eat it. Folks on social media have shown us ways to prep lists and store food to help our groceries last longer and avoid this wasteful fate. One DIYer took to Instagram to show us a few ways to keep grapes good longer. 

The scoop

Kamana Bhaskaran (@kamanabhaskaran) is an Instagram creator with over 250,000 followers. She shares all kinds of tips and tricks that can be used throughout your home. One such tip can help your grocery bill by keeping your grapes fresh for longer. 

In the Instagram video, Kamana goes through the three things she does to keep her grapes fresh for as long as possible. The first step is to put off washing your grapes until you are ready to eat them, she says it, "adds excess moisture, which can cause the grapes to go bad faster." 

Her second tip is to not be put off by the waxy white film that can sometimes appear on grapes. According to the University of San Diego, "This is called bloom and is a naturally occurring substance that protects grapes from losing moisture and decay." 

The third tip Kamana gives us is her recipe for washing the grapes: "4 cups water, 1 tsp baking soda, and 1 tsp salt — let soak, rub, and rinse away that dirt and grime."

How it's helping

Food waste is a huge issue in the United States. 

The USDA reports that we waste 30-40% of our food supply. For some people that equates to around $1,500 a year. With inflation on the rise and many people feeling the stress, reducing this food waste can be a huge help to your budget. 

This can sometimes be easier said than done, but with so many folks online sharing their home hacks, we have access to lots of tools to help keep things fresh longer. 

One person shared how they freeze leftover pasta sauce. Another great tip was to keep perishables in a bin in the fridge to use first. Check out our handy guide for these and more tips on how to keep your waste low and your wallet full. 

What everyone's saying

Folks seem to love these suggestions and learning new ways to keep their groceries fresh. One commenter wrote, "Wow I had no idea this was the way to wash grapes!" 

Another person said, "Have thrown out grapes so many times and glad to have these tips now."

Someone else commented: "Love these, I hate wasting produce and more so now that everything is pricier. Thanks for the tips!!!"

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