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Thrift shopper draws envy after stumbling upon pricey designer-brand item: 'I would have cried if I found it'

"This is my dream."

Sparkly pink Kate Spade purse for $25! Just [in time] for the Barbie movie tonight

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This Barbie fan is a thrift store legend.

While hunting down ethical outfits at a local thrift store, one Reddit user found the perfect pink accessory to take with them to a viewing of the new Barbie movie.

"Found this brand new sparkly pink Kate Spade purse for $25! Just [in time] for the Barbie movie tonight," they captioned a picture of their designer discovery.

Photo Credit: Reddit

While it seems this particular bag is no longer available, other Kate Spade crossbody bags retail for upward of $148 on the designer's website. 

The shopper added the bag was also reduced in the store where she bought it, marked down 75% from its original $100 listing. 

"I love Kate Spade, this is a d*** good find!" said one jealous Redditor

"This is my dream purse! I constantly look for it on various sites for a decent price. I would have cried if I had found it," said another

The Barbie movie has been a box-office smash and a dream for those who love to indulge in a little fancy dress. It seems a thrift store has been one of the best places to find the perfect outfit.

"That's fab! A girl I work with went thrifting for pink gear for the Barbie movie. So awesome!" one Redditor said

Dressing for the Barbie movie is depicted in a picture on X, formerly known as Twitter.

While thrift shopping can provide the occasional incredible bargain, it also has a number of environmental benefits. 

According to Goodwill, synthetic fabrics used in the fashion industry can be damaging to the planet, as chemicals required in the manufacturing of these products "contaminate our water, soil, and air, and this can impact wildlife and the quality of many resources we use to survive."

Buying clothes secondhand, therefore, reduces reliance on and demand for new products, meaning harmful manufacturing processes aren't as necessary. 

Buying preloved clothes also prevents items from heading to landfill sites, which are the third-largest sources of human-related methane gas emissions in the United States, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Methane is a gas that is 25 times stronger than carbon dioxide at trapping heat and a powerful contributor to the planet's warming. 

The International Energy Agency has said methane gas is responsible for "around 30% of the rise in global temperatures since the industrial revolution." 

This Barbie is also saving the planet, it seems. 

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