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Gardener baffled after discovering incredible hack for growing kale at home: 'Does the rest of it just keep growing?'

"It keeps growing like a tree."

Kale harvesting hack

Photo Credit: @gardeningwithb / Tiktokmo

No matter how experienced you are at gardening and growing your own vegetables, there is always more to learn. 

One Texas gardener recently proved that to be true when he tried out a kale harvesting hack he saw on Instagram and was shocked at how well it worked.

The scoop

B. Mo (@gardeningwithbmo) has over 12,000 TikTok followers of his own and a thriving vegetable garden in his backyard. But he was incredulous when he saw an Instagram reel that showed another gardener harvesting kale by simply pulling the leaves downward and snapping them off their stalks without any need for shears.

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"I saw this reel on Instagram and thought, 'No way that's real!'" B. Mo wrote in the caption of his video. "Well I'll be damned. NEW HARVEST LEVEL UNLOCKED."

Once he tried it for himself, he couldn't believe how easy it was to harvest his kale leaves, as his facial expression attested to.

How it's helping

Growing your own vegetables at home, in addition to being a fun and gratifying hobby, is a great way to save money and help the planet at the same time. 

The food industry creates a massive amount of waste, including the processing, transportation, and storage stages. That's why you should always endeavor to buy produce grown as close to you as possible — and it doesn't get any closer than your own backyard.

What everybody's saying

B. Mo's followers were also amazed — some at the hack itself and others that he hadn't known about it already.

"Wait, how are people harvesting kale/collard if not like this?" asked one commenter. "Cutting each leaf? Chopping the stalk?"

"Yes. I was," B. Mo replied humbly.

"Does the rest of it just keep growing?" asked another commenter. "Do you ever have to cut it down?"

"It keeps growing like a tree," B. Mo replied. "But the Texas sun will cook it down soon so I'll harvest it."

All in all, it's a great lesson about keeping your mind open to learning new techniques and practices. 

B. Mo is already an accomplished vegetable gardener, as we can see from his thriving plants. But by incorporating this new hack, he just made the harvesting process that much easier.

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