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Garden expert issues vital warning about dangerous plant: 'It will take over everything in your garden that you care about'

"This is ridiculously hard to remove/kill."

"This is ridiculously hard to remove/kill."

Photo Credit: TikTok

A home improvement TikToker is sounding the alarm on an invasive plant taking over backyards worldwide.

A TikTok video alerts green thumbs about an aggressive backyard invader. This Old House (@thisoldhouseofficial), the beloved home improvement brand boasting nearly half a million followers, posted a clip warning viewers that Japanese knotweed can quickly take over your garden.

@thisoldhouseofficial 🚫Check your yard for this invasive species!🚫 This plant, Japanese Knotweed, will take over your garden if you let it. #thisoldhouse #asktoh #landscaping #gardening #invasivespecies #invasiveplants #nonnativeplants #nativeplants #landscapecontractor #landscapedesign #landscapetips ♬ BREAK MY SOUL - Beyoncé

"If you have this plant in your yard, it's an invasive species… it will take over everything in your garden that you care about," the video explains over footage of the tall, leafy plant with thick green stalks.

While it resembles bamboo, Japanese knotweed — also known as fleeceflower and Mexican bamboo — lacks bamboo's familiar segmented stem. Introduced as an ornamental plant, Japanese knotweed spreads rapidly, undermining foundations, damaging pavement, and causing property values to plummet.

Plus, when invasive species hoard resources such as soil and sunlight from native plants, those native plants die quickly, displacing local pollinators and disrupting the entire local ecosystem.

To remove Japanese knotweed, This Old House recommends manually digging out the plant, roots and all. Every piece must be disposed of properly — bag it, and let it fully die before putting it in the trash. If any part remains, the stubborn rhizomes will sprout back.

Commenters understand the headaches caused by Japanese knotweed. "It's against the law to sell your house with this in your garden," one British commenter noted.

Others highlighted the near-impossibility of DIY removal, with one writing, "It's not as easy as just digging it out! This is ridiculously hard to remove/kill. Any tiny amount of rhizomes left will sprout!"

In some regions, specialized removal is legally required, as an Irish follower shared: "In Ireland, it's illegal to do anything with it. You have to call the authorities and they will send in a SWAT squad to deal with it."

While the video strikes an urgent tone, the comment section shows there's hope through cooperation. United by a common challenge, the This Old House community bands together to share warnings, solutions, and solidarity.

The path to environmental health can feel lonely, but moments like this prove we're not alone. Through understanding the obstacles in our collective garden, we can cultivate the insight to grow and thrive together.

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