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Home maintenance specialist demonstrates crucial task that could easily put a dent in your energy bill: 'This is so helpful'

"Thanks for making this all so easy to understand!"

"Thanks for making this all so easy to understand!"

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A home maintenance specialist on TikTok has detailed how a quick change in a household heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system can save you money on energy bills.

The scoop

Kyshawn from the Weekly Home Check Instagram account (@weeklyhomecheck) has called on homeowners to keep on top of replacing filters in HVAC systems every 30 days, as it could be a great way to cut the cost of annual power fees.

To do so, turn off your thermostat, then locate the air intake grid, which houses the filter — Kyshawn added the filter could also be found on the furnace itself.

After removing the old filter, hold it up to the light to see if it needs replacing. If no light passes through, then you need to make a change.

Kyshawn suggested wiping down the grid with a damp microfiber cloth for further benefits, and he added that while air-pleated filters are slightly more expensive than fiberglass alternatives, they can last three times as long.

How it's helping

Filters for heating and cooling systems help prevent harmful contaminants from entering the home when the system is in use. But they soon get clogged up, so it's important to replace them regularly. 

Neglecting to do so could make a furnace less efficient and more prone to break down, while also leading to higher energy bills because more power will be needed to heat or cool your home if the airway is blocked.

CNET, citing data from Energy Star, says replacing a dirty air filter can reduce energy use by as much as 15%, delivering savings of around $150 a year if you swap it out quarterly. 

As for other ways to cut the cost of energy bills, bleeding your radiators can save you hundreds of dollars a year, while a $20 insulation kit could lead to savings in the triple digits. 

What's everyone saying?

Many commenters were unaware that changing an HVAC filter was even necessary.

"Oh wow. 30 days??" one commenter said. "Off to find wherever that vent thing is."

"Omg… 90 days," another Instagrammer added, referring to the air-pleated filters. "I moved in 2 years ago."

Meanwhile, others were delighted with the little-known tip and similar advice on Kyshawn's page.

"Thanks for making this all so easy to understand!" one fan said. "This is so helpful!"

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