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TikToker reveals tiny 'key hole' that could be costing you hundreds on your energy bill: 'This made such a difference'

"I've had radiators my whole life and never knew this."

"I’ve had radiators my whole life and never knew this."

Photo Credit: @_greengal / TikTok

We just had a major "I was today years old" moment, thanks to TikToker Shannen (@_greengal). In a viral video, she shares an unbelievably easy way to lower your monthly heating bill. 

The video shows Shannen using a radiator key to "bleed" an old radiator in her home.

"Make sure to bleed your radiators to improve heat and efficiency of your heating system," one caption reads. 

@_greengal Bleeding your radiators to remove air pockets is really important for ensuring your wet central heating system is working correctly. This means you will save money on your bills as the rads will got hotter and you won't need the heating on as much 🔥 #sustainability #heating #radiator #bleedyourradiators #savemoneytips #energysaving #tipsonenergysaving #towerenergysaving ♬ original sound - Shannen ♻️

The scoop

Bleeding radiators isn't a new trick. It's been around for as long as radiators themselves. But if you've recently moved into an apartment or older home only to find that your heating source is a big hunk of pipes, this is definitely something you'll want to brush up on. 

The most important step is to make sure your heat is off and the radiator is completely cool to the touch. 

As Shannen demonstrates, you hold an old rag or towel under the valve before inserting a bleed key (or a flat-headed screwdriver) into the bleed valve. Turn it counterclockwise until you hear air hissing out. 

When air is no longer escaping and water has started to bleed out, tighten the valve by turning it clockwise. It's really that simple. 

How it's helping

Radiators work by running hot water through their pipes using an electric pump. But air pockets can enter the system and build up, causing cold spots. This means you're getting less heat for the same amount of energy — and probably cranking up the thermostat as a result.

By bleeding your radiator, you're getting rid of those air pockets, making it more effective and shaving money off your bill in the process

"This made such a difference for me the last two winters," one commenter writes, agreeing with Shannen's hack.

What everyone's saying

If you didn't know this was something you should be doing to your radiator, you're not alone.

"EXCUSE ME? I've had radiators my whole life and never knew this. I don't even think my parents do," one user posts

"[Thank you for] the reminder!" another adds.

"I need to do mine but need a key thingy," another writes.

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