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Gardening expert warns against common harvesting issue that can lead to bitter vegetables: 'Have to check it constantly'

"Just bought 2.5 acres and I'm taking all the notes for next year."

“Just bought 2.5 acres and I’m taking all the notes for next year."

Photo Credit: @wyseguide / TikTok

Gardening influencer Kaleb Wyse (@wyseguide) has taken the guesswork out of growing the perfect zucchini in a new TikTok video

The scoop

Standing in front of his garden trellis, Wyse introduces his latest crop of the elevator zucchini, which has vined all across the archway. 

Now is the time to collect the harvest, he informs his viewers in the video's opening clip, before explaining the Goldilocks moment when each zucchini is just right to be picked.

You can pick a zucchini at any size, Wyse says, but the ideal length is around 6 to 8 inches long. 

If you allow the zucchini to get bigger on the vine, it will likely have more seeds and a bitter taste. You could also end up overtaxing the vine, since larger zucchinis require more energy, which would lead to a smaller harvest overall. 

To make sure your zucchini keeps for longer in your fridge, Wyes says you should avoid twisting and accidentally snapping the stem, as this causes the vegetable to rot more quickly. The best tool to slice the stem from the vine is a small knife or a pruner. Leaving about 1 inch of stem will give your zucchini more longevity, too. 

"They'll keep longer in your house this way and just be better overall," Wyse said.

@wyseguide Chances are, if you grow zucchini, you have lots of it! So it's great to share with friends or family. Here are my tips for when to pick them! #gardentips #greenthumb #gardenproduce #zucchini ♬ original sound - Kaleb Wyse

How it's helping 

Zucchinis are relatively easy vegetables to grow even for the novice gardener, but there is a tricky line to tread between growing limited fruit and the notorious zucchini glut

The zucchini excess is infamous among gardeners, and there is a danger that harvesting too much could lead to food waste. 

But with Wyse's tips, gardeners can avoid the worst of an overzealous zucchini plant. Picking zucchini regularly and while they are still small — any length up to 8 inches — will help to keep the crop in check. 

What everyone's saying

TikTokers have commended Wyse's hack, which could see their vegetable harvests multiply this harvest season.

"Great idea," one wrote. 

"Just bought 2.5 acres and I'm taking all the notes for next year," another commented. 

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