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Gardener shares how you can grow 'endless' oregano with this simple trick: 'I'm starting to do this with everything I buy'

"I don't know who needs to hear this…"


Photo Credit: @madelinetriesherbest/ TikTok

Even if you're a city dweller or someone without a yard, it's still extremely easy to grow and regrow your own herbs at home.

That's clear in a now-viral video by TikToker madeline the garden gal (@madelinetriesherbest). In her clip, she shares how to grow "endless" oregano — with one simple trick.

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"I don't know who needs to hear this but stop buying oregano at the store, it's a scam. Instead, buy one of these plants and take it home," Madeline shares. "[The] real hack [is] the tops of the plants can be propagated."

Madeline's video breaks the process down step-by-step, showing exactly how easy this is:

  1. Cut off the tops and strip the very bottom leaves, which is where new roots will grow.

  2. Put the tops in water so they can root.

  3. Repot the plants in their own pots and put them all in an indoor grow tent or, if you don't have one, place them outside with their cuttings on a sunny windowsill until you can plant them.

  4. Once the top cuttings root, each will be its own plant and you'll have an endless herb supply.

What makes this gardening hack so great is that it not only saves you money — which is crucial these days with the cost of groceries going up by about 8% this year — but it can also be pretty fun and brings health benefits, too. Gardening has been shown to strengthen our hearts, improve our moods, and lower our stress levels.

And, by gardening, you're helping the planet by using less packaging from each herb you don't need to buy again from the store. This reduces countless supply chain inputs, like manufacturing, processing, and shipping resources, that come along with it, meaning you're leaving a lighter footprint on the planet.

Other TikTokers love the idea, too. 

One comments, "I'm starting to do this with everything I buy. 😂," while another shares, "This does work well. I have tons in [my] yard and propagate them for trade."

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