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Tenant airs frustrations over issues with poorly managed property: 'I can't even use my walkway'

"It was a huge nightmare."

"It was a huge nightmare."

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A renter is stuck in a tough situation. The homeowners association is their landlord, and it has been challenging for the tenant to get necessary repairs done to their property. 

The Redditor posted to the subreddit r/f***HOA that their walkway is sinking because of three to four inches of pooling water, and the HOA isn't doing anything. In addition to the walkway sinking, the soil and flowerbed are also eroding.

It's getting attention because many people know the frustration of dealing with HOAs and being unable to get the work they want done on their homes. 

The OP said: "I can't even use my walkway because my shoes will get soaked and caked in mud if it has rained at all in the past couple days. And if the pooling is bad enough, it smears all over my driveway, too."

It's a confusing situation since they don't own their townhouse, but they explained that "the complex is a mixture of units owned by the occupants and units rented directly from the HOA." 

This is alarming because soil erosion can lead to the loss of fertile land and increased pollution in rivers and streams, which can hurt livestock and cause a decline in fish. Not addressing this problem can also worsen flooding because the ground can't hold on to water, which could cause damage to homes. 

While this HOA is dragging its feet on essential repairs to prevent environmental damage, other HOAs are blocking owners from making eco-friendly improvements, like adding solar panels. These improvements would save homeowners money and help reduce polluting atmospheric gases. 

Solar panels are not the only things HOAs are blocking. One couple in Maryland fought to keep their pollinator garden and won. It took a few years of legal battles, but it's a huge win because their garden is vital. It provides a habitat for wildlife and helps absorb heat. 

One commentator who had a similar issue as the OP with their townhouse wrote: "It was a huge nightmare just getting them to take care of a flooding issue that crept up because they removed the awning over our back door." 

Another commentator had a solution for the OP while they wait for repairs: "I'm in Florida and the city floods like what you described several times a year. A pair of rubber Boots is GREAT to have."

There are ways to make repairs and money-saving investments in your home in an HOA community, and TCD's Homeowners Association Guide can help. 

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