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Homeowner outraged by HOA's attempt to stop money-saving home renovation: 'I find this a waste'

Unfortunately, this homeowner's experience with their HOA is not unique.

Unfortunately, this homeowner's experience with their HOA is not unique.

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In a plea for help to Reddit's r/HOA community, a homeowner in Illinois shared their frustrating experience trying to install solar panels on their roof.

Despite a state law (HB644) that prevents homeowners associations from prohibiting solar installations, the homeowner said their HOA was still trying to make the process difficult.

According to the post, the lawyer who runs the HOA initially said he wouldn't allow the solar panels simply because "he doesn't like it." Only after the homeowner informed him about the updated state legislation did the lawyer change tactics.

Now, the lawyer insisted that the HOA can require a third-party engineer to assess the solar panel placement, with the cost of this unnecessary evaluation falling on the homeowner.

"I find this a waste as the HOA has no say over the placement of the panels, other than to recommend a new location if it doesn't decrease annual output by 10%," the original poster said.

Unfortunately, this homeowner's experience with their HOA is not unique. Across the country, many HOAs have been caught preventing residents from making money-saving, eco-friendly updates to their properties, such as installing rooftop solar or planting native lawns.

These HOA restrictions not only create financial and logistical burdens for homeowners but also stall important progress in reducing household energy consumption and improving local environmental health.

If you're facing similar pushback from your HOA, consider working with rather than against them to update outdated rules and HOA regulations for sustainable home improvements.

In the comments on the Reddit post, other users offered advice and support for the frustrated homeowner.

One suggested that the original poster "find the biggest solar company in your state and see if they're interested in helping you fight this."

Another user recommended asking the lawyer, "in writing, where exactly in the governing documents you can find the statement that he can request a 3rd party engineering assessment for solar systems."

By standing up to HOAs that try to block eco-friendly home updates, homeowners can help pave the way for greener communities and a healthier planet.

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