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Homeowner furious after HOA's mismanaged sprinkler system causes damage to their home: 'Three inches of moss and algae'

"Contact your homeowners insurance company."

HOA's sprinkler causes water damage

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One Southern California resident is furious after their HOA's mismanagement of a sprinkler system caused severe water damage in their home.

A Reddit user took to the popular forum to vent and ask for advice about the water damage in their home, which was a direct result of the HOA failing to properly manage an irrigation system. The Redditor explains in the post that the irrigation system regularly sprays their outer wall, and even though the HOA said that was "normal," the water eventually got into the wall, causing damage to the homeowner's floors.

"They kept calling it 'normal irrigation.' 3 inches of moss and algae later, in the summer — in Southern California, I had a water intrusion into the wall," explains the Reddit user.

Why a little sprinkler can cause big damage

The Redditor's water damage nightmare speaks to a larger issue: the misuse of irrigation systems, which is a waste of water.

As our planet continues to get warmer, not only do certain places like California and Arizona see less rainfall on average, but the water that does come down from the skies evaporates faster. That's why we have been facing notable droughts. 

Governor Gavin Newsom recently lifted the water use restrictions in California, so now is a good time for residents to be conscious about how they use their sprinklers.

How to be a responsible sprinkler owner

If you want to be conscientious of your water usage, consider some of these water-wise tips from the Environmental Protection Agency.

Buy a smart irrigation system. Some irrigation systems self-adjust according to the weather. So, when it rains more in your area, your sprinkler system works a little less.

Adjust your irrigation system. You can manually adjust your irrigation system to work in harmony with the weather, scaling it back when there is a lot of rain.

Properly position your sprinkler. Make sure your sprinkler is positioned so that only the areas you want to get water are getting it. 

You may also consider swapping thirsty turf lawns for a drought-tolerant, easy-to-maintain native lawn

Redditors had suggestions for the original poster to handle their situation in the meantime. 

"Contact your homeowners insurance company. Even though the water damage is from an external source, they'll be more likely to get you satisfaction," said one Redditor.

"Personally I would try to have the laminate replaced with waterproof vinyl flooring," advised another Reddit user.

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