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Pet expert shares affordable food hack that produces adorable results: 'It turned out to be their new favorite food'

"It's decided, I will have a herd of guinea pigs in the future."

"It’s decided, I will have a herd of guinea pigs in the future."

Photo Credit: TikTok

A green-thumbed guinea pig enthusiast shared an amazing trick for sprouting corn plants that can serve as an excellent addition to your garden, as well as a delicious snack for certain pets.

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The scoop

TikToker Cid Dwyer (@cid_dwyer) starts with a plastic bin of soil topped with corn seeds and then covers the seeds with another layer of dirt.


Corn sprout carpet

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After a thorough watering, Cid places a cage over the bin to prevent birds from eating the seeds before they can grow. Green sprouts from the seeds should start to pop up out of the dirt within a few weeks.

He finishes out the video by showing several of his pet guinea pigs munching through the entire crop of corn sprouts. "I think it turned out to be their new favorite food," Cid stated in his TikTok. 

How it's helping

While this cheap and easy gardening technique can provide a tasty snack for furry friends like guinea pigs, it can also be a fun planting project for gardeners at any level of experience.

The small planting receptacle shown in the TikTok is small enough to fit into nearly any living situation, such as on a porch or patio, and could be the perfect size for a mini garden.

Growing your own food can also save you money at the grocery store, improve your diet, and even give your physical and mental health a boost by getting your body moving. Having a variety of plants in your yard also promotes biodiversity and attracts pollinators that act as a crucial part of our ecosystem and food supply.

In the meantime, you'll be helping the environment by buying less globally transported, plastic-wrapped produce, which means you'll be contributing positively to the planet by reducing material waste, pollution, and your carbon footprint.

What everyone's saying

Commenters showed their love for Cid's adorable herd of guinea pigs (also known as "a muddle" of guinea pigs), as well as their interest in trying out the corn-growing hack for themselves.

"It's decided, I will have a herd of guinea pigs in the future," one TikTok user declared in the comments.

"What do you do with the dirt rugs that are left after they have happily chomped?" another TikToker asked, to which others replied that composting the leftover roots could be an effective, Earth-friendly solution.

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