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Gardener shares low-maintenance method for growing 'endless' supply of cooking essential: 'You continue to harvest it for years'

"Normalize slow food."

"Normalize slow food."

Photo Credit: TikTok

Grow your own endless supply of this root vegetable at home with this TikTok tutorial.

The scoop

On TikTok, The Cottage Peach (@thecottagepeach) shared a way to easily grow your own supply of ginger at home.

@thecottagepeach Did you know it was this easy to grow your own ginger for your garden? 🫚 not only does it have tons of amazing health benefits if you have arthritis like me, fresh ginger is so much more flavorful too 🤗 #gardentherapy #growyourown #growingfood #vegetablegardening #gingerroot ♬ original sound - The Cottage Peach

"Never buy ginger again," she says. "You can grow ginger in your garden, and all you need is store-bought organic ginger root. This ginger will multiply and give you an endless harvest."

To grow your own ginger, follow The Cottage Peach's five easy steps:

  1. Soak your ginger in water for 24 hours to remove anti-sprouting agents and dirt, and to introduce moisture. The Cottage Peach calls this step "waking up the plant."
  2. Select a shallow container with drainage holes to avoid rot. Fill the container with soil.
  3. Place your ginger on top of the soil – don't overcrowd the pot. Cover the ginger with a thin layer of soil.
  4. Place the container in a greenhouse or a similarly warm and humid spot. If you live in a cold zone, simply bring the container inside for those months.
  5. Water infrequently and wait. In 10 months, you'll have a growing supply of ginger to harvest. Depending on the growth of your ginger and the size of your pot, you may have to repot at this point. Then, harvest what you need and sit back while your ginger keeps growing.

How it's helping 

While it may demand some patience, this gardening tip will lead to savings on your ginger and turmeric purchases.

But why bother growing your own ginger when you can buy it at the store? Well, besides saving some money, homegrown food is fresher, tastier, and more nutritious. 

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What everyone's saying 

Some commenters were hesitant about the long waiting period, but The Cottage Peach reassured them: "You continue to harvest it for years at that point - you don't have to replant it every 10 months. Normalize slow food."

"It sounds super easy," one user commented. "I have tried several times & the last gingers lasted me a good 3 months. They grow beautifully. Will try again."

Another said: "I want to try this! I do this with organic green onions- plop them in the garden and harvest them all year."

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