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Garden expert demonstrates hack for infinite free strawberries: 'I love this'

"You're such an inspiring man."

"You're such an inspiring man."

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A gardening expert shared a hack that can help you grow infinite strawberries.

The scoop

The Frenchie Gardener (@thefrenchiegardener) posted a 51-second video in 2022 that now has over 250,000 views about how to cultivate the prized produce from the runners of one plant.

@thefrenchiegardener Tips to easily multiply your strawberry plants! πŸ“πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ’š Out of one strawberry plant, you can create many new ones! #gardening #lifehack #strawberries #fruits #potager #howto #growingfood ♬ Deep Breaths - Austin Farwell

"They are searching for soil to reproduce themselves," the creator says. "So, show them the way to obtain your new free strawberry plants.

"Take a small pot with wet soil, and place the bottom of the runner in the soil with the green leaves up. The lower part will develop new roots in this pot."

They note that you should cut the runners if you don't want multiple plants so the plant can direct its energy to the strawberries.

Otherwise: "The runner stem will be like the umbilical cord. After one week, you can cut it."

The creator signs off by saying, "Green love to you."

How it's helping

Aside from being one of the most delicious fruits, strawberries β€” which are actually in the rose family β€” are good for you. They are high in fiber and comparatively low in calories and sugar and can help control glucose levels.

They include vitamins, polyphenols, manganese, and potassium but no sodium, fat, or cholesterol. Eight berries, or one serving, feature more vitamin C than an orange.

Growing them in your garden can help reduce the money you spend at the grocery store β€” and the demand for globally shipped produce, which contributes to the overheating of the planet via toxic pollution from ships, trucks, and other transport vehicles.

Gardening can also increase physical activity and fiber intake, lower stress levels, and provide a mental health boost. A 2020 study showed community gardening improved participants' connection to nature, perceived stress, well-being, self-esteem, optimism, and openness.Β 

What everyone's saying

"I love this," one TikToker wrote. "Wow u make gardening so much fun."

"We have the same passion," another said. "You're such an inspiring man. Happy gardening."

Someone else noted: "I heard its about 4 years life for a strawberry plant?"

The creator responded: "Yes around that. Some longer but they produce way less."

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