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Gardener shares an ingenious method to create a gravity-defying garden using trash: 'It looks so cool'

This method creates a stunning vertical garden that saves yard real estate.

This method creates a stunning vertical garden that saves yard real estate.

Photo Credit: TikTok

Want to add a whimsical touch to your garden? This gravity-defying, self-watering flower pot display is simply genius.

The scoop

Self-dubbed "self-sufficient gardener" Joel Campbell (@new_world_horticulture) took to TikTok to share an ingenious gardening hack for balancing and auto-watering stacked flower pots.

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Start by ramming a pole into the ground, which you'll use to reinforce your choice of sturdy stick. Joel uses bamboo, which has superior strength compared to other hardwoods.

Next, grab a pot with large, stretchy holes in the bottom and feed your stick through a hole closer to the pot's center. Tilt it and fill it up with soil.

"Pack [the soil] to the front so that it holds [its shape]," Joel advises. "Make sure you fill up the whole pot with soil, including behind the bamboo. Now, you can add your first flower in."

Grab your next pot and repeat until your stick is completely covered. Make sure the pots are strong enough so they don't crush under their collective weight.

The best part about this quirky design? "You only have to water the top, and the water runs down all of the pots like a waterfall," Joel says.

How it's helping

Joel's clever trick delivers several rewards after minimal effort.

First, it creates a stunning vertical garden that saves yard real estate. 

The design also eliminates the need to hydrate each pot manually — just hold your watering can over the topmost pot, and it will all trickle down. 

Best of all, the design cuts down on plastic waste by reusing basic household materials.

Growing your own flowers slashes spending on store-bought bouquets and attracts helpful pollinators, which benefits your entire garden. It also reduces the environmental impact of commercially grown flowers, which rely heavily on pesticides and air-polluting transport. Homegrown blooms produce less carbon and brighten your space with natural beauty.

Gardening has also been shown to help improve a person's physical and mental health. 

What everyone's saying

Commenters were floored by the viral hack's simplicity, visual impact, and eco-friendly ethos.

"Awesome idea it looks so cool plus for people who don't have much garden space," gushed one commenter.

Others took inspiration for their own yards. "This would be so cool with herbs too!" raved another follower.

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