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Homeowner shares 'best' shower glass cleaner made with just two household ingredients: 'This is a staple in my house'

"I will be trying this!"

"I will be trying this!"

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We are often told as consumers that we need a special product for everything, but when it comes to cleaning, this couldn't be further from the truth. This hack shows how to use two versatile ingredients you probably have in your house to make an excellent glass cleaner. 

The scoop

In an Instagram video, Alissa (@home.and.chaos) shows viewers how to make a simple glass cleaner using vinegar and dish soap. Alissa writes in her bio that she specializes in DIY and cleaning and aims to help followers "create a home we love…but on a budget."

She tells viewers to fill a spray bottle with distilled white vinegar and a couple of tablespoons of dish soap. Viewers are advised to spray the mixture on their glass shower and leave the cleaner for at least 20 minutes. "The vinegar eats away the hard water and calcium buildup, the Dawn holds the vinegar in place," she explains. 

For tougher jobs, you could put your new cleaning fluid into a "fancy dishwand for easy cleaning" and scrub down the glass. Either way, you should rinse and squeegee the glass after you're finished cleaning. 

How it's helping

From hacks we have shown in the past, you've probably learned by now that vinegar and soap have a plethora of uses in your home. Needing fewer household products can help save you money and time and reduce waste. Getting the most out of your purchases means your dollar goes farther, especially because these two products are much more affordable than most specialized and marketed cleaning products. 

Additionally, being able to refill a spray bottle makes for a lot fewer containers that end up in the trash. The ease of this hack also saves you time fighting against buildup in the shower. Finally, this spray is much easier on the environment than caustic chemicals in many other cleaners. 

What everyone's saying

Commenters were ready to try this hack for themselves. One person said, "Yes!! I will be trying this!" Another viewer, who has tried this before, said, "This is a staple in my house. Love it!" 

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