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TikToker reveals cheap and easy hack for getting rid of pesky fruit flies: '[It] works wonders'

"Thank you so much for the tip."

Get rid of fruit flies

Photo Credit: @skinnytaste / Tiktok

Ripe fruit is delicious and healthy, but the one downside is that bugs love it, too. To help, one TikToker shared a fast, easy way to get rid of fruit flies.

The scoop

Gina's TikTok channel (@skinnytaste) is focused on healthy recipes, so this pest control tip is a change of pace. In her video, Gina shows off a tower of colorful fruit in her kitchen. 

"If you've ever had fruit flies, you're going to love this easy tip how to get rid of them," she says.

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She uses a palm-sized bowl to combine a small amount of water, a few pumps of dish soap, and a little white vinegar, which she mixes together. She then places the whole bowl in between two pieces of fruit. 

"Leave it overnight in your fruit bowl, and then in the morning, you'll see all the fruit flies are dead," she says, displaying a bowl with several dead bugs resting at the bottom.

How it's helping

The soap-and-vinegar trick is a cheap yet effective way to get rid of fruit flies. You can use it whenever you notice these bugs around to keep their numbers down and prevent them from laying eggs in your fruit. This helps food stay fresh longer, saving you money by minimizing waste.

Not only is this hack good for your budget, but it's also healthy for the planet. When food goes in the garbage, all the water and resources that went into growing it go to waste, and more food has to be shipped to replace it, increasing air pollution. The less food you waste, the better.

What everyone's saying

Many commenters were eager to try the hack. "Thank you so much for the tip. Really needed this," said one user.

Gina's tip also got a flood of comments endorsing the method and suggesting slight variations. 

One person said, "Apple cider vinegar works best! My daughter did her eighth grade science project on which vinegar works best and the science behind this!"

Another commenter suggested, "Warm water, sugar, and a dash of dish soap. Works wonders."

One TikToker had a different take. "If you wash all your fruit when you come home from the store with water and a small bit of dish liquid, you will not have any flies," she said.

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