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Homeowner shares photos of the 'boss transformation' that turned their boring lawn into a colorful garden: 'So much better'

"Looks absolutely gorgeous."

Boring lawn into a colorful garden

Photo Credit: u/Moo_Rhy / Reddit

The incredible photo evidence of another unbelievable lawn transformation has inspired Redditors to get rid of their boring turf grass.

The series of photos first appeared on a German Instagram page but quickly made its way to a Reddit community dedicated to upgrading lawns into low-maintenance, environmentally-friendly gardens.

That's what this yard appeared to be, and although details had been lost in translation, the pictures tell an incredible story. The post is appropriately captioned "Boss transformation."

Boring lawn into a colorful garden
Photo Credit: u/Moo_Rhy / Reddit
Boring lawn into a colorful garden
Photo Credit: u/Moo_Rhy / Reddit

The first photo showed a patchy, weed-riddled yard outside a modern building, with a gray brick path cutting through it. The yard did have a few good features, like a healthy young tree and a hedge, but overall it looked boring and poorly kept.

In the second picture, the lawn had been dug up to expose the bare dirt and the edges of the brick path, making way for something new.

The third photo seemed to be from much later, after the new plants had a chance to get a foothold and fill in the empty spaces. An incredible assortment of colorful flowers, berry bushes, and tall tuft grasses added dimension and character to the yard, while the fanciful lacy-leafed ground cover and a new gravel path gave it a whimsical fairytale quality. The yard was clearly thriving.

Redditors were full of praise for the new garden design. 

"Top tier! Bravo!" said one user, while another commenter said, "So much better!"

One user was a little more skeptical. "Looks absolutely gorgeous, but how much time do you need to spend on removing weeds to keep the garden looking decent?" they asked.

The owner didn't answer, but the photo itself holds a hint. The visible ground is covered with a generous layer of mulch, which, according to The Spruce, suppresses weeds. It's likely that this garden design is low-maintenance on purpose.

Homeowners looking for a similar low-maintenance, low-water design can work with Yardzen to create custom landscaping using native plants. Because native species have adapted to the local conditions, they usually grow well without too much additional watering or c

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