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Garden expert reveals the plant that can help your strawberries thrive: 'This is the news I didn't know I needed'

Strategically choosing what to grow can help your grocery bill.

Unbelievable garden planning combination

Photo Credit: @oursanctuarygarden / Tiktok

When you think of the perfect accompaniment for strawberries, what comes to mind? Maybe some cream or shortcake. Chocolate, perhaps? One TikToker is arguing that strawberries already have a soulmate — asparagus. 

Strawberries and asparagus may not be perfect partners in the kitchen, but they are in your garden. Jolene Wainwright (@Oursanctuarygarden) explains in her latest video that when planning your garden, asparagus and strawberries should be side by side. 

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"Asparagus and strawberries have a wonderful relationship," Wainwright explains in the video. 

While asparagus plants have a fairly deep root system and take up a lot of vertical room, strawberries are a great ground cover with shallow roots, making the two pair perfectly. 

You may not think of asparagus as a fairly tall plant, but after you've harvested all the asparagus your heart desires — you're supposed to let the plant grow tall into (a really weird-looking, in our opinion) asparagus "tree." This takes up a lot of space, making planting other vegetables next to it difficult. But strawberry plants stick low to the ground, so they can get right in there with the asparagus without being in the way. It really is the perfect pair. 

Garden planning like this, which Wainwright specializes in, is a great way to maximize the space you use when gardening. And the more plants you can successfully fit into your garden means a higher yield. 

Growing your produce at home can save you a good amount of money. According to the Guardian, strategically choosing what to grow (such as expensive produce like strawberries and asparagus) can help your grocery bill. 

Growing food at home also means cutting back on food waste, plastic packaging, and shipping. That's a lot of planet-friendly perks. 

TikTokers were stoked to hear Wainwright's helpful advice. 

"This is the news I didn't know I needed," one wrote. "Going to plan an asparagus/strawberry bed for next year!"

"Thank you so much!" another said. "I've been wanting to grow asparagus but I have no room. Now I do!!"

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