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Goodwill shopper shocked by Twitter response after discovering signature on rare item: 'I love that guy'

"It's humbling."

"It's humbling."

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One smart shopper had his day made when the signed collectible he picked up for under $3 at a thrift store turned out to be the real deal — as confirmed by the celebrity who produced it.

In 2012, Comedian Gabriel Iglesias, widely known for his "fluffy" physique and his love of chocolate cake, was immortalized in the form of an action figure by toy company Mezco. A current Walmart page lists the item for $68.99 but says it's out of stock.

"It's humbling."
Photo Credit: Reddit

Of course, even if Walmart could sell you one, it wouldn't be signed by the man himself.

"Found a signed Gabriel Iglesias action figure at Goodwill," said the lucky thrifter, sharing a photo of the item on r/ThriftStoreHauls. The action figure is new in its box, and an autograph in blue marker is visible across the front of the package.

The Redditor also shared a screenshot of a tweet where he tagged Iglesias. "Is this your actual signature?" he asked.

To his delight, Iglesias answered — and it was good news. 

"Yes," he said. "I only made 1000 of those and you found one for $2.99 at Goodwill. It's humbling," he added, with a crying laughing emoji.

Not every thrift store contains signed memorabilia lurking on the shelves between donated candles and Stephen King novels. But it happens often enough that it's worth taking notice. Lucky and patient thrifters have found designer clothing, luxury bakeware, valuable jewelry — even artwork worth millions of dollars, going for a fraction of its real value.

Even if you don't find incredible buried treasure, you're still getting an unbeatable deal on useful items like clothes, furniture, and home goods. You're also cutting down on the amount of waste winding up in the trash, which is a responsible choice and good for the planet.

Commenters were impressed with the find. 

"Great score!" said one user. "And OMG, it comes with a chocolate cake."

"Oh man I love that guy," said another Redditor. "I have a few pictures with him."

Another user joked, "OP starts the bidding at…"

The original poster replied, "I saw one on EBay for like $30, but I'm just going to keep it for the sake of having it."

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