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Plant parent shares easy, two-ingredient solution for annoying fungus gnats: 'I've been waiting for this tip'

The mixture will kill the gnat larvae without doing any harm to your plant.

The mixture will kill the gnat larvae without doing any harm to your plant.

Photo Credit: @creative_explained / TikTok

Growing plants at home can be fun but a bit challenging — from understanding each plant's proper lighting and watering routines to getting rid of pesky insects. 

Thankfully, TikToker Armen (@creative_explained) shared an easy, homemade hack for getting rid of a common pest encountered by plant owners: fungus gnats.

The scoop

Start by mixing one tablespoon of 3% hydrogen peroxide with one cup of water. Then, pour the solution into a spray bottle and spray onto the soil and leaves of your indoor plants.

"Do it daily until the infestation is gone!" Armen concluded.

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How it's helping

Not only are houseplants a lovely addition to the décor of any room, but they have also been found to improve your indoor air quality, reduce feelings of stress, and even increase levels of productivity, according to Healthline.

Fungus gnats are a common pest of indoor plants, and they tend to lay their eggs in wet soil. Although adult gnats don't bite, their presence can become a flying nuisance in your home.

The hack's mixture of hydrogen peroxide diluted with water will kill the gnat larvae without doing any harm to your plant. 

This method is also great for the planet, as it offers a more environmentally friendly option for plant owners to clear their homes of gnats without using chemical sprays with questionable ingredients.

By using your own spray bottle of choice, you can also help cut down on the number of empty plastic bottles that end up in landfills.

What everyone's saying

Many commenters were interested in trying the tip on their own gnat infestations.

"THANKS! I've been waiting for this tip." 

While others proposed another natural quick fix: cinnamon.

"If you sprinkle cinnamon over the top of the soil, it lasts for months and stops gnats dead in their tracks," one user commented.

"Cinnamon also works like a charm," another mentioned.

Plant enthusiasts add cinnamon to their plants' soil as a natural fungicide, effectively killing fungus spores in the dirt that the gnat larvae feed on. 

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