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Plant mom shares amazing trick for 'reviving' your dying household plants: 'Save your plants'

To rid your plants of pests, this TikToker suggests chopped garlic and water.

Save your plants

Photo Credit: @celenabrownie / TikTok

TikToker Celena (@CelenaBrownie) shows her followers two simple hacks to keep houseplants healthy.

In a video shared with her nearly 68,000 followers, the TikToker shows off two easy tips to address common houseplant issues — and you likely have everything you need for both hacks right in your kitchen.

"Save your plants with these quick hacks!" the caption reads. 

@celenabrownie Save your plants with these quick hacks!!🌿 #plants #indoorplants #indoorplantstruggles #plantmom #plantslover #nature ♬ Hot Girl Summer - Megan Thee Stallion, Nicki Minaj, Ty Dolla $ign

The scoop

According to the video, brown spots on your plant's leaves can mean there are some issues. Specifically, markings on the leaves that look like scratches or scabs can be a sign of pests eating the leaves. 

To rid your plants of pests, Celena says to add chopped garlic and water to a spray bottle and spray the affected plants once a week. This can be done preventatively, too, to keep pests away.

The second hack tackles fungus, which Celena says is visible when the tips of leaves turn brown. For this, use cinnamon. She says to sprinkle a bit of cinnamon into the soil and mix it in with your hands. This will help fight fungal infections and should keep your plant's leaves a healthy green.

How it's helping

Houseplants help purify the air and produce oxygen. Plus, they are great ways to decorate any room. But houseplants can be finicky. 

These hacks are a good reminder that browning leaves don't mean you have to completely give up on your plant, and you don't have to go buy expensive plant medicines. 

These easy hacks cost just pennies and don't involve any synthetic chemicals, either.

What everyone's saying

Celena's fans had lots of thoughts on plant care. 

One TikToker says you can also use coffee grounds in water to bring plants back to life. Another user says, "diluting hydrogen peroxide 3% with water kills fungus."

One user asks if it was good for the plant's health to cut off the dead ends. Celena offered this tip: "Yes it is. The dead ends can take nutrition from the other leaves. Make sure to cut in the shape of the leaf and not straight across."

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