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DIY dynamo shares unreal before-and-after photos after restoring pricey gaming chair found on a roadside: 'Basically brand new'

"I wonder why they chose to get rid of it?"

PlayStation Amarok Gaming Chair

Photo Credit: u/JustBe-Chillin/ Reddit

While trading in gaming devices is a great way to earn some cash, one Redditor just made an even bigger score: a new gaming chair in excellent condition that was pulled from the side of the road.

In a post shared to Reddit, a user shows off before and after photos of the gaming chair a friend spotted on the curb.

"Needed a gaming chair. Friend said the people over the road had just thrown one out, and it was basically brand new," the user wrote. 

The Redditor's first photo shows the wet chair they picked up in the rain. In the second, they reveal a dried and brand-new-looking chair, except for one minor scratch on the seat.

"Now own a £230 [$281] PlayStation Amarok Gaming Chair for £0 and a bit of a carry to my house," they added.

Roadside finds like this can be a goldmine, but they can be hard to come by. There's an easier way to score used furniture in great condition: check your local secondhand store. 

Many thrift stores have furniture sections where you can shop for new-to-you tables, desks, and chairs. Thrifting helps to keep used items out of landfills — where that gaming chair was surely headed had the Redditor not picked it up before the garbage trucks.

And while nothing beats a free score, shopping secondhand can be incredibly budget-friendly, with items costing a fraction of the price you'd pay for them new.

Redditors were shocked to see the chair scored for free.

"I wonder why they chose to get rid of it?" one Redditor asked. "Seems like they could've easily sold it or gave it to someone. Awesome find!"

"Great find, it clearly has years left of good use," wrote another Redditor who also offered up a useful tip. "If the fabric/pleather starts to wear, get a car seat cover."

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