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Homeowner shares 'absolutely stunning' progress photos after giving up their lawn mower: 'I'm way happier seeing the flowers'

The results were pretty enchanting.

Forget-me-nots flowers, Progress photos after giving up their lawn mower

Photo Credit: u/LetMeAt0m / Reddit

One homeowner said they got a delightful surprise when they decided to stop mowing their lawn, enchanting their fellow Redditors. 

Events like No Mow May, when homeowners stop mowing their grass for a month or more, have gotten popular in recent years. Not only is it a great way to save time and energy on lawn care, but it's healthy for pollinators who find food and shelter in the weeds. Sometimes, the results are incredibly beautiful.

This homeowner shared pictures of their results on Reddit. "Boycotting the mower resulted in a meadow!" they wrote. 

The photos showed a dreamlike scene: a field of pale blue forget-me-nots growing so thickly that they seemed to form clouds over the grass, stretching all the way to the line of trees and flowering bushes that surrounded the Redditor's yard. A second photo revealed some smaller white blossoms mixed in with the blue ones.

"Our backyard has become a small meadow, and the bunnies have moved in," the homeowner said. 

The change in routine was a relief for the busy Redditor. "Since I'm working constantly and don't have time, I figure the lawn is literally for the birds (and other wildlife)." They commented that at the time of the photo, they hadn't mowed in about two months.

According to the homeowner, what likely started out as a temporary exercise will continue long term. "I am not touching this patch with the mower or weed whacker!" said the homeowner. "I'm way happier seeing the flowers!"

Commenters agreed with the original poster, with one user saying, "She's beautiful!" and another user adding, "Stunning. Absolutely stunning."

Several other Redditors were jealous of the original poster's results. "I tried that, and all I got was tall grass," one user complained.

Another user suggested, "Give it a good rake and chuck some forget-me-not seeds in there." They also recommended native clover as an option.

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