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Woman shares effortless laundry tip for whiter, fluffier towels: '[It's] a game-changer'

"Your towels will be even better."

"Your towels will be even better."

Photo Credit: TikTok

A TikToker went viral for sharing an effortless and foolproof laundry hack that'll ensure you have whiter, fluffier towels — no bleach necessary.

Jamie (@byjamiemichelle) demonstrated the laundry hack in a video posted on the platform. Jamie credits her viewers for teaching her the bleach-free cleaning trick.

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The scoop

Jamie's magic trick to getting whiter and fluffier towels without bleach is to substitute it with white vinegar. In her video, Jamie fills the liquid bleach compartment of her washing machine with just a little bit of distilled white vinegar instead. 

"Vinegar is a game-changer. My towels are so fluffy and cozy," Jamie said

How it's helping

Though bleach is an effective stain removal agent, it can do more harm than good for your household. Bleach often contains chemicals that are harmful to the body, and continuous bleach exposure or inhalation can lead to various health hazards. 

A study published by the National Institutes of Health revealed that intense bleach exposure can impair vision and irritate the mouth, throat, skin, stomach/gastrointestinal tract, and respiratory system. Additionally, bleach can release chlorine gas when mixed with other household cleaning agents (e.g., toilet bowl cleaner, ammonia, etc.). When inhaled, chlorine gas can trigger respiratory damage, asphyxiation, or even death.

If used incorrectly, bleach can also cause permanent damage to your laundry. According to Defunkify, the powerful oxidizing agents in bleach can remove color from fabrics, which may lead you to create bigger stains on your clothing than when you started your laundry load.

Substituting toxic cleaning products with natural alternatives not only makes your laundry days safer but also more cost-effective. A Statista report found that the average American spent almost $170 on laundry products in 2022. Simply switching out bleach for distilled white vinegar can easily help cut down on your costs.

What everyone's saying

TikTokers were grateful to learn about the effortless laundry hack from Jamie. Some even shared their own tips on how to get towels to look as good as new.

"Try powder detergent with vinegar. Your towels will be even better I promise," a user commented.

"I use baking soda," another wrote.

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