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Homeowner seeks advice on HOA's concerning new policy: 'Half the community feels strongly this way'

"Get the petition, get the attendance, get the votes."

"Get the petition, get the attendance, get the votes."

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A Florida homeowner has taken to Reddit to ask for advice about their homeowners' association's latest rules on keeping trash until it's ready for collection.

Posting in the r/HOA subreddit, they noted that trash collection had been reduced from twice a week to just one pickup, and trash cans were only allowed to be kept outside on pickup days.

That switch has necessitated that homeowners keep their trash cans indoors until the waste company arrives. 

Such a policy change made the Redditor concerned that the Florida heat and less regular pickups would lead to trash causing horrendous smells in garages and encourage the possibility of rotting waste that could lead to mold and the buildup of germs. 

"Half the community feels strongly this way but the developer controlled HOA want to enforce keeping trash cans to rot in a garage for the week," they said, adding they were planning to submit a formal letter detailing the potential hazards. 

"Is this a reasonable argument?" they asked. 

Many commenters offered reassurance, saying that keeping trash in a garage would not lead to terrible smells or harmful germs if the lids were secured properly. Meanwhile, one user noted that keeping trash outside for too long would bring pests, which would lead to a whole new level of problems.

But others suggested that raising those worries to the HOA might lead to a change of the bylaws, and getting support from other like-minded homeowners would help the cause. 

"Start getting together with neighbors, get the petition, get the attendance, get the votes," one Redditor, who is an HOA board member, said. 

The homeowner's concerns are understandable, especially regarding the potential smell. But there is one way around it, as one commenter suggested.

"You could also consider more sustainable ways to cut down on waste production like composting and recycling," they advised

Composting is a great way to make the most of food waste, particularly vegetable peels and cores. You can also compost garden waste after pruning plants or cutting grass.

The composter would free up space in the trash can — making it less of a problem if collections are reduced — and prevent smells from escaping, while HOAs are less likely to protest if they are kept outside. What's more, the composter will eventually produce a fertilizer full of nutrients that can be used in the garden.

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