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Redditor shares how they got over $250 worth of clothing for $25 thanks to an amazing 'fill the bag' event: 'A special sale'

"My local Goodwill and Salvation Army could learn from this."

Fill-A-Bag event

Photo Credit: u/6thofjan / Reddit

One thrifty Redditor just took advantage of an incredible sale to bring home a whole bag of clothing for 10% of the original price.

The OP is the latest in a long line of Redditors posting on r/ThriftStoreHauls — a subreddit for sharing the best deals users found when buying second hand. Past posts have featured vintage furniture, expensive shoes and clothing, and name-brand kitchenware.

This time, the buyer got 13 clothing items for only $25. "My favorite thrift shop had a special sale which they called Fill-A-Bag where you can stuff a bag full of merchandise," they say in their post. 

The attached photos featured a black plastic bag from Uptown Cheapskate and the OP's purchases laid out on a bed: two pairs of dress shoes, four long-sleeve shirts, one polo shirt, one short-sleeve shirt, two flannel shirts, two pairs of jeans, and one pair of chino pants, all for $25 with a retail value of $250. A sign visible in the first photo says that this sale takes place twice a year.

Buying clothing secondhand from thrift stores is growing in popularity. It's an affordable way to update a wardrobe and exposes buyers to a wider selection than an ordinary retail store. Thrift shops sometimes even stock luxury items that would usually be outside of most shoppers' price range. 

Buying secondhand reduces the need to make new items and saves raw materials and energy from the manufacturing process. At the same time, it keeps old but wearable clothing out of landfills.

Commenters were eager to save just like the OP. 

"My local store is doing this on Feb. 4th," says one. "I have marked my calendar." 

A second says, "I'd go HAM if this was at any of my usual thrift stores." 

"My local Goodwill and Salvation Army could learn from this," complains a third commenter. "Their racks STAY packed because they are to the point where even on 'half off' day; it's still too much."

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