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Seasoned gardener shares 'incredible' method for preparing raised garden beds: 'You might be surprised'

"There are still some things you can plant in November."

"There are still some things you can plant in November."

Photo Credit: @inthecottagegarden/ Instagram

Most plants thrive in the warmer months of the year, but just because the weather is starting to get colder doesn't mean there isn't any gardening to be done. One content creator recently shared a video with some tips for fall planting, which she says is the best way to prepare your garden for spring.

The scoop

Amy Chapman (@inthecottagegarden) shared several tips for fall planting with her 97,500 Instagram followers.

"Autumn is the perfect time to add raised beds to your garden," Chapman explains.

She explains that there are "so many free materials you can use" in autumn to fill up your raised beds cheaply with stuff that plants will love. She starts one to demonstrate, adding cardboard, sticks, leaves, and dirty bedding from her ducks. 

"It's important to add a layer of good quality compost on top to start feeding my plants straight away," she concludes. The compost was the only component she paid for (other than some of the plants).

"You might be surprised there are still some things you can plant in November," she continues, highlighting tulips, alliums, strawberries, and garlic.

How it's helping

Gardening is a great way to get outdoors, interact with nature, and provide food for yourself while lessening your reliance on the heavily polluting and wasteful commercial food industry.

The amount of plastic waste created by the food industry is, by itself, astonishing. And that's in addition to the massive amount of food regularly thrown away by supermarkets — an estimated 30% to 40% of the entire United States food supply ends up getting sent to a landfill — and the planet-overheating pollution created by transporting all the produce that is not grown locally to stores.

What everybody is saying

Amy's followers were excited to put her tips into practice in their fall gardens.

"Such a great way to tidy up the leaves!!" wrote one commenter.

"I need to add sooo many beds this winter," another added.

There was one clarification that most of the commenters found even more pressing than the gardening tips.

"Where can we find those overalls tho," wrote one.

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