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Walmart customer makes 'mind-boggling' discovery after opening pick-up grocery order: 'I hate [it]'

"Such a waste."

Walmart pick-up grocery order

Photo Credit: u/1_and_only_Shmidt / Reddit

Most of us are familiar with the frustration of having what seems like a million plastic shopping bags in our pantry. You collect the bags, stash them in the pantry, and mostly forget about them until they start to overflow and clutter up your kitchen. It's exhausting.

But one Redditor has had enough. In a viral post, they called out Walmart pick-up orders, where they received every single item on their list in a separate plastic bag.

The post originally appeared in r/extremelyinfuriating, where the Redditor explains that their recent items all came in their own bags.

"Such a waste!" the original post reads.

Another user saw the image and thought it also deserved a share in the r/anticonsumption forum, where users were just as disgusted with the blatant waste. 

Plastic bags aren't just annoying to deal with and get rid of, but they're also especially bad for the environment — namely because they're extremely hard to recycle. Most recycling centers (like the ones that will pick up your plastics at the curb) don't accept plastic bags because they get stuck and jam the machinery

This often leads to them being tossed in the trash. And even when they're disposed of properly, only about 5% of plastic trash is ever actually recycled, which has led some to call plastic recycling a "failed concept."

The good news is that many grocery stores accept their bags back, and there are drop-off locations for plastic films across the country. 

Still, that doesn't make it less annoying to get a ton of bags in the first place. That's why many commenters were quick to agree on how frustrating the Redditor's post was.

"I hate when I ask for as few bags as possible, and they think I mean, 'put a bunch of stuff together in the same bag and then double bag all the bags,'" one user writes

"It is mind-boggling that they put every single item into its own bag," another says.

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